Market Update 10-16-17



Monday’s regular cattle sale featured a good run of cows and mixed feeder calves, with a continued strong market for calves and a steady market for cull cows.  Slaughter cows brought $.60-$.65 cents on the average, with the best of the cows bringing $.75 cents per pound.  Slaughter bulls were steady to slightly lower, averaging $.72-$.75 cents, topping out at $.87 cents per pound.  Feeders were up on a good market with good buyer attendance.  Steers weighing 500-600 pounds brought $1.45 to $1.67, and 700 to 800 brought $1.49 to $1.67.  Heifers were off a bit from the steers, with 600-700 weight heifers bringing $1.33-$1.61.  Next week we’ll have a feeder special, with a good run of calves expected and a strong market.  Our bred cow special will be Saturday, November 17th.  If you have any questions or would like to consign, give me a call anytime.  -Kale McGuinness 509-703-3981

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10.16.17, 825 head

10.09.17, 2275 head

10.07.17, 1650 head

10.02.17, 630 head

09.25.17, 900 head

09.18.17, 410 head

09.11.17, 675 head

08.28.17, 385 head

08.21.17, 490 head

08.14.17, 250 head

08.07.17x, 500 head